Ask Grandpa: Revealing Frasier Salad; neighbor’s request

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We were invited to a function that includes a served dinner. On the menu was something called a Frasier Salad. I have never heard of it. What is a Frasier Salad?
Grandpa says: My first encounter with a Frasier Salad was back in the 1980s while I was touring the West Coast. A little diner in Washington had it on the menu. It was a nice tossed salad. Many tossed salads have slices of hard-cooked eggs. A Frasier Salad has scrambled eggs in it. I asked the waitress about it and she told me it was in honor of the television show about a radio psychiatrist. In the theme song, the singer references the callers to the radio show as tossed salads and scrambled eggs. This same server told me that it is easier to make than a tossed salad with hard-cooked eggs because no one has to shell the eggs or store the cooked eggs. The cook scrambles an egg and tosses it onto the salad. If you are given a choice of dressings, you may want to order the Caesar. That is one of my personal favorites because it spices up an otherwise bland egg. See Job 6:6.

I have a next door neighbor who is a nice enough guy. He is just too lazy to work. He is young and healthy and lets his wife work to support him. While we are not buddy–buddy, we are friendly enough to exchange idle conversation or pleasantries. Lately he has been stopping to ask if he could borrow money for cigarettes or a cold drink. I realized that is the only time he makes an effort to come talk with me. No matter how often I tell him I don’t have it, he won’t stop coming around. He is like a cat. I gave to him once and now he expects me to give every time he comes around. How do I shed myself of this pest without starting a feud? We live next door to each other.
Grandpa says: Mercy, but the Book of Job is getting a work out today! Look at Job 6:5. “Does the wild ass bray when he hath grass?” Turn the tables on him. Every time he comes to your door, greet him with a request. “Say, I am glad you are here. Do you have $10 you could lend me ‘til payday?” Make it a different request every time he comes to your door. Before you know it, you will be as strangers. And that will be by his choice.

I live in a building with 24 apartments. I am on probation for a sex offense. I did no prison time. My upstairs neighbor has circulated a flier to every apartment suggesting that all of the residents demand of the landlord that I be kicked out of the building. I have done nothing here to disrespect anyone. Your advice?
Grandpa says: Talk to your probation officer. This neighbor is committing a felony. Press for your rights.

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