Ask Grandpa: Thanks offered to Marie Wilkinson Pantry

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I want to personally thank the volunteers at the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry (in Aurora). Everyone there is so helpful. Without their help, I and my wife (sic) would not be able to eat most days. Can you print this without my name? I would be embarrassed to have people know who I am.

Grandpa says; Thank you for bringing this situation to mind. Now that the holidays are over, we seem to forget that some individuals are hungry all year long. It is Grandpa’s wish that those who can give, will continue to give to this noble and worthy group of volunteers. I have met many of the volunteers and clients. One could not ask for more noble and loving neighbors. It is part of what makes Aurora a beautiful place to live.

I keep getting phone calls from a company telling me that my warranty on my car is expired and they want to sell me an extended warranty. I have said no in so many ways and so many languages that I can’t fathom any other way to say it. I have told them that I don’t have a car. One sales rep called me a liar. She was right because I did lie just to get them to quit calling me. I have told them that my car is older than it really is. No matter, they call me constantly. A month ago I put my number on the do not call list. I continue to get calls. Blocking the number does not help because they always call from different phone numbers. How can I get it to stop?

Grandpa says; Some time back I saw an episode of American Greed on television. It was about a man who started just such a company and never paid on a claim. Make it a strict personal policy to never talk to anyone who calls to sell you anything, take a survey, about anything, or asks any questions. There are so many scams out there that it is unreal. Just hang up. Now, I admit this is not 100% fool proof. Case in point, I once missed a call from my pharmacy because the lady asked to confirm my identity by giving my birth date. I did not realize it was my pharmacy and I hung up on her. Thankfully she understood and called me back a bit later. Yet, I stand by my advice. If you did not initiate the call, don’t talk, hang up.

I live in a duplex. My landlord lives in the other side. He gave me a written notice that all outside Christmas decorations must be down by the first Saturday in January. There is no such ordinance in our town. Does he have the right to make such a demand if there is no such a rule?

Grandpa says; It is his property, his rules. If you don’t like the rules, find another place to live.
Grandpa has a request. This time of year is when blood levels in various blood banks are at critical lows. Donors are needed.

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