Aurora Pride Parade bid: June 9, 2019

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Organizers of the inaugural Aurora Pride Parade last week submitted a Letter of Intent to the city government of Aurora requesting to hold the next Aurora Pride Parade Sunday, June 9, 2019.
“The inaugural Aurora Pride Parade is now a celebration for the history books,” said Chuck Adams, founder and executive director of Indivisible Aurora. “I can tell you that our team is already looking forward to a more expansive event for 2019.”
In addition, the Letter of Intent proposed to expand the celebration into a weekend-long Aurora Pride Festival with the parade Sunday, a kick off event on the evening of Friday, June 7 and a full day of activities Saturday, June 8, including a 5K race, vendor market, art exhibition, poetry slam, speaker series, and film festival.
The proposal has received the endorsement of Aurora mayor Richard C. Irvin.
“The parade was an outstanding success,” said Irvin. “Not only did it exceed expectations, it helped to bring new levels of unity, energy, and pride to Aurora. It was well organized, fun, and family-friendly. All along the parade route, I spoke with people, some with tears in their eyes, who repeatedly thanked us for being the host city. If there is an opportunity to expand that feeling of pride in our city and inspire people to celebrate and patronize businesses in Aurora all weekend, I’m all for it.”
—City of Aurora

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