Homeless veterans fees will be reduced in 2019

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State representative Stephanie Kifowit, D-Aurora, wants veterans to know about the new state laws aimed to assist Veterans that will go into effect in 2019.

House Bill 4848, which will take effect January 1, 2019, ends for homeless veterans the $20 shipping fee to obtain medical records. These health records are essential for veterans who need to apply for benefits.

“Homeless veterans are struggling with challenges hard for anyone else to imagine,” Kifowit said. “We must ensure that every veteran receives the benefits they are entitled to, especially homeless veterans.”

House Bill 4212 becomes effective January 1, 2019. House Bill 4212 helps locate a missing veteran or active duty member with a physical or mental condition. In some cases, it can save veterans from a dangerous situation, or prevent suicide. This law would have helped the Soesbe family when their son Trey, a National Guardsman, who struggled with depression, was missing for two years. Recently, his remains were found on the banks of the Fox River.

“I think of veterans such as Trey Soesbe, and hope that this law will help our struggling veterans. The State of Illinois must help search for Veterans in danger,” Kifowit said. “I will continue to support legislation that helps all veterans readjust to civilian life.”
—State representative Stephanie Kifowit

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