Reader’s Voice: In search of answers from government

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March 4, 2019
Dear editor;
The pursuit of city government, tax-funded branches, police department, police association, public library, park district, Waubonsee College, for their sins of omission: For my money and votes, these boards are expected to vote, especially on matters involving private divisive groups.

Friday, my response from the Aurora Police Department to two FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests were denied. They suggested for review that I could take my requests to the public access counselor whose office is in Springfield.

Why would I do that? Their rejection slip spells it out, “the City of Aurora does not have records associated with” my request from the Aurora Police Department. That denial is spelled stalling.

Does a police association even exist in Aurora? An intake officer told me they are an independent group. Independent from the State group which is in Elmwood Park. Its executive director is Edward Hoes, Illinois Police Association. A personal conversation with him produced nothing. He had no contact with anyone from Aurora seeking permission to participate in the Aurora Proud Parade in uniform. Who then gave the group permission? Does Kristen Ziman, our chief of police, have control over the State association? Trying to ascertain who heads the Aurora group, where and when do they meet, produced silence.

A security police officer told me they were marching on their own time! In uniform? Aurora police policies specifically states wearing of uniform in public is prohibited in these cases: a), Endorse, support, oppose, or contradict any political campaign or initiative; b) Endorse, support, oppose or contradict any social issue, cause, or religion. c): Endorse, support or oppose, any product, service, company or other commercial entity; d): Appear on any commercial, social, or non-profit publication, or any motion picture, film, video, public broadcast or any website; unless specifically authorized by the chief of police.

Our chief doesn’t know about these policies? Even if such a brand existed in Aurora, which I doubt it does, an on-duty officer told me they were doing this on their own time. This officer thought they had the right to do it. And where lies the blame?

Another police policy (g) Uniforms are only to be worn while on duty, while in transit to or from work, for court or at other official department functions or events.

My phone conversation with the chief brought this response, she could do whatever she wanted to do. She refused to meet with me because I am locked and loaded with words.

A requirement to be our chief of police would be a mandate that they know Aurora Police Department polices, right?

A requirement for all branches of government should be a that elected boards vote on controversial issues, especially where funding is involved. A report from the city government of Aurora FOIA stated that the cost to Aurora was $7,000. If put to a public referendum, I would have voted no.
Joan Solms

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  1. For seven months there has been this ONE lone voice harping about people exercising their personal freedoms. Let it go! Let people live in and serenity.

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