Reader’s Voice: Shooting near homes prevails: Open season

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February 15, 2019
Dear editor;
February 11 Kendall County voted no limits on non-commercial shooting near our homes. Anyone can shoot any weapon, at any time, any where, in any manner in unincorporated Kendall County, even in subdivisions full of homes. Not even a berm is required! Good luck if your home is behind a shooter’s target.

Any consideration of protections for residential areas from totally unregulated backyard shooting was abruptly voted down, three to one, by County Board members on the Law, Justice and Legislation Committee. In a packed room, with many other County officials present, the Committee passed the resolution to end any opportunity to even talk about protections for our homes. At this first meeting to work on it they eliminated all consideration for two years. Credit goes to Robyn Vickers for her courageous no vote.

What do you think your home would sell for if many high-powered rifles are shooting next door? Shooting of deadly weapons, by any number of individuals, is allowed in any direction, right on your lot line, any time day or night, with not even a berm to protect your family and home. If you call the police, they can do nothing to stop, or limit it. That is the law now in our County and will not be looked at for at least two years after this vote.

As a citizen and homeowner, I am outraged that three of our elected Board members, with no objections from the many other County officials present, voted against any regulations whatsoever for discharging of firearms in our residential neighborhoods. Although lawful hunting is not affected and is always allowed, Illinois law authorizes counties to regulate or prohibit backyard target shooting in residential areas, which Lake County has done, for example. Homes there are protected, ours are not. We and other families here have experienced bullets shot into their homes, on their decks, and whizzing over backyards. That is why we asked our County officials to take action.

They did. A resounding denial to our appeal for safety for our families. Very disappointing. They declared open season on our homes !!

If this concerns you, Board members’ contact info is on Kendall County website.
Priscilla Gruber
Na-Au-Say Township
Kendall County

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  1. I just love it when people move out to “the country” to live “the country” lifestyle, then try to “citify” their “country” neighbors.

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