Reader’s Voice: Trump not only president with zipper problems

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September 10, 2018
Dear editor;
How about those hypocrites! Aren’t they great? They rant and rave about president Donald Trump and his affair with what’s her face (she doesn’t need any more publicity), and one other woman. Go back to your history books, again, and read about John F. Kennedy. He was quite the ladies man. Jackie, it was said, told old man Kennedy, that she would stay with John, but if he came home and gave her a disease, it was over!

Oh, I forgot, everyone seemed to overlook that zipper problem he had, because the U.S. was watching Camelot and it was okay.

Then we have good ol’ boy Bill Clinton who made J.F.K. look like a choir boy! While he was governor of Arkansas, he had State police officers pimping for him. When he got to the White House, there was no stopping him. All of the women who spoke up about his so-called zipper problem were hushed up or threatened by his wife.

Some of the individuals who knew nasty things about either/or both of them, either had heart attacks, or had accidents of one sort or another. One woman had her show on television suddenly canceled. Bill Clinton’s wife lied for him over and over, and some started to respect her for “standing by her man.” Barnyard byproducts! They feared her!

His zipper problems continued in the White House, and even after he left the Oval Office. Oh, and Bill Clinton lied, big time and was impeached, but refused to leave before his term was up, and then he and his wife looted the White House! They were made to return the items stolen, because they were meant for the White House, not the Clinton House! Don’t any of you remember?

Even Barack Obama had a roving eye, through no one can prove it, just like his college credits and selective service records, and numerous Social Security numbers, and the funding for his exclusive college, because he was a poor young man. Then he became a politician and golly gee, who knew that being a public servant could be so lucrative!

Now we have president Trump. We know he’s not perfect, otherwise he would have been hanged on a cross more than 2,000 years ago. But, there have been no more women claiming affairs with him. He has become a better role model for his son, and hopefully a better husband, and I believe he is trying his hardest to drain the swamp, even through he finds himself up to his armpits in alligators, some of whom he thought were friends.

We the people, need the farmers and the firemen to get together. The farmers need to get rid of their cows, so we don’t need their bull and the firemen could come in with their two-inch fire hoses and wash out the floors of the House and Senate to get rid of all the Bull Byproducts these elected individuals have generated.
Evelyn Essling

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