The late Tom Weisner served Aurora well with change, growth

Carter Crane editor of The Voice
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The new year is more than celebrations. The new year truly is about new beginnings.

A new beginning is compatible with the tried and true and trusted methods.

We can pick the best of each method of moving our way around our worlds.

Tom Weisner, the former mayor of Aurora, 2005-2016, who passed away Friday, Dec. 28 knew both about new beginnings and trusted methods. He made a large impact on the rebirth of Aurora in its transition from an industrial-oriented city to a well-rounded city of services, arts, technology, and better living for its residents. The legacy of the late Tom Weisner, 69, is still being calculated, written, and realized.

His death near the end of last year offered a sense of completion and set in motion the realization of plans he had made for the city he served in various capacities for 29 years. A listing of accomplishments could be both a long list and certainly incomplete. He was an active mayor who participated in regional metropolitan government.

He adopted Aurora following his youth in Batavia and which included graduation from Marmion Academy in Aurora. He served in the Peace Corps and was an executive in various capacities in Aurora government. His vision included improved Paramount Theatre visibility, the RiverEdge Park for good weather performing arts, the Paramount Theatre’s School of the Arts in the former Carson’s downtown retail building, which later served as the Waubonsee Community College downtown campus until it moved into its newly-constructed building one block south on River Street. Reduced crime in Aurora is a product of his effort, just as was an emphasis on education through new buildings, and renovation of the former Aurora Central High campus and community center into the East Aurora School District 131 Fred Rodgers Magnet School for elementary students. Many of his ventures have been successful and offered an improved Aurora. He has received many deserved honors

Many Aurora residents have memories of working with Tom Weisner and the positive affect he had in their lives, and have their impressions if they had not met him. Trying new ventures was one of his strengths. For more information click here and see comments on We invite comments on the impact of his service to the Aurora community and neighbors.

His battle with cancer through most of his terms of office of the mayor certainly was a profile in courage. We extend our condolences to his wife, Marilyn, of 46 years, their family, and the many close friends and associates who knew him well. His objective was service and to be a servant of his constituents.

• We hear less each year about new resolutions, in part because new resolutions can be made any time and not necessarily January 1. New beginnings can be continual. It is our interest to reflect, modify, and begin again when we think it is necessary. The sense of progress in life is always in play. We can change each day, shed the old, begin the new. We do not need to wait until a new calendar year arrives. We can make the most of every day in every way.

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