A dose of reality amid holidays

Carter Crane editor of The Voice
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Holiday celebrations, parties, tree-lighting, and fun can be sprinkled with a dose of seriousness, and for good reason for most of us.

The annual Holiday in the Grove in Sugar Grove Saturday included Santa, breakfast, and turning lights on the real tree in front of the Community House. The holiday fair several blocks north in the Kaneland John Shields Elementary School included a display table for the Alison Cares Foundation.

Alison Flory fell prey to today’s epidemic of drug addiction and died little more than two years ago. She was the eldest of five children of Alison’s mother, Jennifer Flory. Alison was a teen who suffered from being bullied and dipped into drug abuse for seeming safety. It made problems worse.

Jennifer Flory decided to help other teens in need, including guidance and protection for her other children. She passed out pamphlets and information to anyone who came near her table at the Shields School. She founded the 5013c Alison Cares Foundation. “(Alison) did not have an opportunity to receive help until it was too late,” her mother said when the Holiday in the Grove was winding down.

“I want to help as many children as I can.”

She passed out cards and pamphlets to parents and any children who were near her table. Breaking Free, Conley Outreach West Towns (Big Rock, Blackberry, Kaneville, Sugar Grove, and Virgil, along with both Aurora and Batavia Townships). She passed out a card which stated, “Reach Out For Help Today” with her phone number, an extended hand, one of many which are desperately needed. There is a photo of Alison Flory.

Getting the message to register with those who feel insecure, both the bullies and the bullied, is one step at a time. Desperately. Awareness is a real goal which must not be avoided. We need a kinder and gentler society. One soul at a time.

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