Ask Grandpa: In jail, solutions for the children

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My husband caught a case (out of state) (several) years ago. He is due to parole out the Monday after Thanksgiving. We have all been looking forward to him being home for Christmas. Because of the kind of case he had, he will have to be on an ankle monitor for three years. Now we learned that (the state in which he is imprisoned) will not allow him to leave while on parole. He will be going into a halfway house in (the other state). This is crazy! I can’t take my kids (that many) miles away just to spend Christmas together. I need him to come home and get a job and help pay some bills. I can’t afford for him to be gone another three years. I contacted his parole board and they won’t budge. Is there anyone out there who can help me?

Grandpa says; Let us get the syntax right. Your husband did not catch a case, he committed a crime. There was no case wandering around that got snared in his trap. He crossed state lines to commit a crime. Albeit a member of my staff did a check on his crime, I will not reveal its nature. I will reveal that this is not his first for this type of conviction. It does not surprise me that he will be on an ankle monitor and in a halfway house. He did not walk into his offense blindly. He knew exactly what he was doing and the consequences for repeat offenses.

I notice your order of priorities. Christmas is mentioned as a concern before his financial support to the family. I find that interesting. Do not worry about driving to the halfway house to visit him. He will not be allowed visitors for at least 90 days. Why would you even consider taking your children to a place like that? That would make dads being locked up normal to the children. You don’t want them comfortable with the idea of growing up to follow in his footsteps, do you? Your husband just being gone for that many years already has hurt the children far more than they deserve.

You want help? I have sent to you the names of some persons who can help you change your thinking. Encourage your husband to obey all of the rules, even those with which he disagrees, keep his nose clean, get a job when told and send money for the kids.

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