Ask Grandpa: On mulling over privacy, pablum, problems

Ask Grandpa
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You are such an idiot. Do you really believe half of the goody- two-shoes advice you give? Sometimes you don’t even give them advice, you just gloss over the problem with pablum in print. And that (deleted) about telling you what people are grateful for on Thanksgiving! It is none of your business. I sure as (deleted) don’t want anyone to know what is going on in my life. If I did, I would have a Facebook page. I am not some crazed teenager or a wacko like on Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer. I am a very private person who does not care what other people have to brag about. I am definitely not reading your Thanksgiving (Bovine by-product).
Grandpa says: Then shall I print you are grateful that The Voice gives you the opportunity to express yourself anonymously?

My wife and I spend our Winters in (a warmer state). I have a trusted friend from church who watches my house and gathers my mail. She has a key in case of emergency. This past Summer I had a camera system installed because of my wife’s health conditions. I can see what is going on in other rooms or if I am not home and she is alone. Well, I saw my friend in our house snooping through our closets and pantry. My wife tells me to just let it be. I want to call her and demand an explanation. We have agreed to abide by your recommendation on how to address this.

Grandpa says:
Why start a situation that you cannot handle from afar? Any damage that might be done is already done. Relax and enjoy the Winter. In the Spring, when you are opening up the house, simply change the locks, even if the neighbor returns the key. Next Autumn, don’t give the key to anyone. Go to a home improvement store and spend about $25 on a key box that realtors use. Put the key in that box and tell your house sitter that in an emergency she can call for the key code. If you don’t trust her to not get the key copied, you can put on the door one of those locks that uses a code to open the lock.
Then, again, in an emergency she has to call you for the code. Make a deal with a locksmith to come out whenever you call them to change the code for you. One other option is to just not have anything in your home that you would not want members of your church to find there. Things such as private papers can be easily stored in a bank’s safety deposit box. Get creative. Private things can be put into a safe or even a closet with a locking door. Did you ever tell your friend that you have the cameras in your house? That knowledge alone might be enough to discourage her forays into your privacy. The possible solutions are endless. I hope this was more helpful than just “pablum in print.”
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