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I noticed and was irritated by a parked car totally in and blocking my driveway. After about 30 minutes of the feeling of being trapped in my own home, I noticed a neighbor outdoors. He is the same neighbor (with whom I have had issues in the past). This neighbor said politely that the parked car was not his and he did not see who drove it in and left it. I said I was calling the police, then, at that moment I saw police outside of (the high school) along with a staff member. I expressed my concern and the police ran the plates and said aloud a woman’s name with a Chicago address. The high school person went inside immediately and put out a page. Within 10 minutes a young man came out and drove away so quickly I had no time to ask any questions. Problem solved, but no apologies, or explanation. It did look like the neighbor’s 20-year-old son. What bothers me is the police said they can do nothing about such private property problems. I might have been stuck trying to push the car into the street.

Grandpa says: You were only trapped in your own home because you chose to feel trapped in your own home. Any licensed vehicle relocator would be happy to tow that car to their own impound lot at the owner’s expense. There are many good relocators. Call one near you about putting up a sign forewarning individuals not to park in your driveway. Next time, you have only to pick up the phone and call for help. To push the car into the street could have caused an accident or injury to others.

As to asking questions or wanting an apology and explanation, why? The person is gone. Let it be. Stop dwelling on the neighbor. Grandpa edited out the explanation of previous trouble with the neighbor because it was not germane to the issue at hand. It sounds like good old fashioned victim-standing. I suggest you practice looking for the positive solutions to issues and then letting go of them. This dwelling on the past is not healthy for you. Live for the joy of tomorrow, not the joy of licking old wounds.

I am legally blind. I do not own a car. I get phone calls every day from a company which wants to extend the warranty on my car. A machine tells me to hold while it connects me to a live agent. Then it tells me to press seven to continue holding. I keep trying to get an agent to tell them I do not own a car and to take me off their list. As soon as I press seven I hear some sounds and then the line goes dead.

Grandpa says: It is a scam. The caller is using a system to get free calls. His calls are billed to your phone. Pressing seven allows that. Just hang up without pressing anything. I bid you peace.

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