Aurora site, groups, host to JB Pritzker prior to governorship

Carter Crane editor of The Voice
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New beginnings were the focus Saturday evening in Aurora. Joining together at the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois Senior Living Center were residents, the Boys II Men mentor group, and JB Pritzker, two days away from being sworn in as governor.

There were smiles and applause in ample supply. The Boys II Men group served dinner to the 65 residents who filled the dining hall. JB Priztker and Aurora mayor, Richard Irvin, both made a few serious comments, however, the evening was for greeting, lighthearted banter, and Bingo. See photos on

Pritzker, who called the first game of Bingo, won by Bernice Ferrell, made the rounds to each table to say hello and provide conversation. He was with his wife, M.K. (Mary Kathryn) Pritzker. Ironically each used initials instead of their first names prior to their meeting in Washington, D.C.. She grew up in South Dakota. He is from Chicago.

Monday he was sworn in as the 43rd governor of Illinois. He said Saturday evening what he said on the campaign trail prior to his election November 6, 2018. “My efforts will be to help lower costs for families, raise the minimum wage, and help with scholarships for bright students because many of them are leaving the State. There is much to do in such a limited time.”

Pritzker started Saturday in Chicago and made a few more visits as a part of a pre-inauguration setting. He extolled the virtues of volunteerism in his visit to Aurora. After a little more than an hour visit he and his wife left for Chicago and Sunday went to Springfield and later the Old State Capitol building to make the rounds to as many partisans and politicians as he could in a few days. He said Saturday that he is the governor of everyone in the State and working together is the goal. Soon enough the glitter will ware off and the realities of the office will provide for a closer look at what is possible for him to do and what the politics of state government will limit.

In any case, it is a new beginning that each cycle helps clear out some of the cobwebs from previous administrations, regardless of party affiliations, and offers new hope, a sense of something better.

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