Carrying holiday spirit forward instills joy, happiness, in others

Carter Crane editor of The Voice
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Doing what you love is freedom.
Loving what you do is happiness.

The not so uncommon saying, what ever its origin, is a building block for life.

The process of what we do can give us joy, or, it can drag us down. It is up to us.

Joy is young children at Christmas just old enough to believe in Santa and young enough to be fulfilled.

Reactions to bright colors of the season, expectations, and memory of previous seasons can delight.

Holiday music, sharing the joy, and being in the moment of wonder sustain children and adults.

Many of us do what may delight us at the Christmas holiday season, religious or not religious.

Likely it is why, even more than merchant conditioning, many participate in early holiday trappings.

Christmas shopping season can begin earlier than Halloween in many large corporate stores.

We participate in the conditions of joyful expectations and look forward to those expectations.

Many of us seek to change disappointment and routine living with the advent of the holidays.

Communities participate with special traditional lights in parks, neighborhoods, and buildings.

The lights and star on top of the Leland Tower is fulfilling and joyful for many in the Aurora area.

The page 1 focus this week shows it takes extra work and care to produce the image (click here to see).

There is growing concern and understanding for those who do not enjoy the holidays.

A sense of community takes us outside of ourselves with awareness of those less fortunate.

If we pay attention there are many in society who offer goodness and light with acts of kindness.

We should focus more on those acts of kindness in the news than many of the negative distractions.

Charities offer hope and helping hands. Yes, the growing number of charities can make us weary.

The need continues to grow and has for more than 35 years with the shrinking middle class.

Awareness of our surroundings includes appreciation of the instruments of a caring society.

There are a few who seek to take advantage of the kindness of others. They fool themselves, ultimately.

A few scam artists should not deter the overall good performed by the food pantries and shelters.

Think of where we would be without the organizations which offer any type of hope.

Although some charities offer a business approach and high salaries, they are beneficial.

Ultimately, it is up to us on individual cases to be aware of how we can help the less fortunate.

Hope, love, joy, caring, are staples of a society which move forward though thick and thin.

Many facets of life are out of our control, regardless of our efforts to change them.

How we react in positive lights remains the essential key to positive adjustment.

We are responsible for ourselves. If we reflect dreary attitudes that will drag others down. Think joy.

We are helped if we expect joy and happiness without building high and unreal expectations.

Children with love and joy are cheerful and fun. Children without love and joy can dash our hopes.

Often the little things generate joy and hope such as a smile to a stranger or a courtesy.

We start with expectations from ourselves to be joyful and helpful

Although some of us have high expectations to receive from others, we excel when we give to others.

Joy, light, love, happiness, help us all!

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