Reader’s Voice: Suggestion for the mayor of Aurora

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December 18, 2018
Dear editor;

After attending Aurora City Council meeting December 11, I felt compelled to write. For the second time, Aurora mayor Richard Irvin has given me pause.

After I addressed the City Council a few months ago, along with three others, the mayor, who was not to comment, said that some of the speakers who address the Council (for a maximum of three minutes) are stupid and ignorant. No one was offensive. One had disagreements with the mayor, but in no way was stupid, nor ignorant. I found it unacceptable, especially from the seat of the mayor of Aurora.

At the December 11 meeting the Tomcat Youth Football Team received an award. The mayor dismissed them saying now comes the boring part so you may not want to stay. It bothered me because I would like to see the children become more civic-minded and interested in government.

An amendment was passed to remove the $2 Million rebate to the citizens. Mayor Irvin commented before the vote and I felt he twisted the intention of the alderman who wanted the amendment. He said they were elitist and uncaring for their constituents. This is not how I perceived their intention. He spoke at length and then cut off alderman who had prepared remarks. Unacceptable to me in democracy. He asked for $50,000 for the lights on a rental basis at RiverEdge Park. This amount is just less of the mean income of individuals in Aurora, or close to it. Who then is the elitist?

After the passing of John McCain and George H.W. Bush, and having upheaval in Washington, D.C., the country is looking for respect, values, and fairness. Mayor Irvin, please consider it at City Council.
Marjorie Logman,

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