Legally Blonde fitting, interesting, thoughtful

Donna Crane
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The 2018-2019 Broadway Series started last week at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora with the production of Legally Blonde.

The audience was happy and enthusiastic Saturday when it welcomed a great cast, beautiful stage settings, and music that made many want to get up and dance.

Leads Casey Shuler (Elle Woods) and Gerald Caesar (Emmett Forrest) each made a Paramount debut. Shuler is a recent graduate from University of Kentucky’s Theatre program and Caesar was part of a national tour of The Lion King.

Elle Woods, the beautiful blonde has a seemingly perfect life and future which would feel complete to her once she receives a proposal from Warner Huntington III (Tyler Lain), her dream man. Warner breaks up with her because he decides Elle is not serious enough for him.

Elle makes plans to win him back by getting into Harvard Law School, not an easy task!

Elle can not be written off as a dumb and beautiful blonde. She is a strong, capable intelligent woman who is forced to look at herself through different challenges.

As she ventures into her quest of self-discovery she finds her sisters (Goddesses) who appear from time to time to keep her sane and self-assured.

A large cast of talented women stand alongside Elle, beginning with her Delta Nu sisters. Lucy Godínez, Sara Reinecke, and Kyrie Courter lead the ensemble of sorority women who follow Elle to Harvard (if only in her head) as a toga-clad Greek chorus which sings and dances with her through the tribulations of law school.

No matter what the challenge, Elle doesn’t feel entitled, or proclaim that she has a right to success. She jumps in knowing there are others with inherent gifts and there is no excuse for anyone working harder than she.

Trent Stork, director: “Elle Woods is a hero. Who knew the 2001 movie about a sorority girl turned lawyer holds up as a pre#MeToo manifesto?”

It is an interesting evening of music and dance, and thoughtful interpretation.

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