Naperville Park District bans smoking at all 137 parks

Naperville Park District Board votes to ban smoking in all 137 parks
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At its meeting Thursday, Aug. 9, Naperville Park District’s Park Board of Commissioners voted to prohibit all forms of smoking at its 137 parks across Naperville.

The District’s Ordinance 641 was amended accordingly to state that, “smoking or any use of tobacco product is prohibited in all District buildings, including parks, and in all District vehicles other than golf carts.” It is in addition to the existing Smoke Free Illinois Act, which prohibits smoking within 15 feet of doorways and windows. Areas in the District where smoking is permitted include: Designated vehicle parking areas, adjacent streets where parking is permitted, the District’s two golf courses and the Riverwalk.

The suggestion of a smoking ban District-wide was brought to the Park Board for consideration in July by some residents who had recent negative experiences with other park patrons who were smoking in their vicinity.

Although the Park District will begin installing updated signage in its facilities and parks in the near future, the smoking ban is effective immediately.

“The most compelling reason of all to prohibit smoking in our parks is our mission,” said Ray McGury, executive director of the Naperville Park District. “Through our mission, we promote healthy lives, healthy minds and a healthy community. It was a pretty clear decision for us in that regard.”

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