New contract for East Aurora leader

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The East Aurora School District 131 Board of Education Monday announced its recent decision to enter into a new five-year contract with superintendent Dr. Jennifer Norrell through 2023. This new contract will replace Dr. Norrell’s current three-year contract, which was scheduled to expire in 2021. This action was taken by the Board to better align Dr. Norrell’s performance goals with District initiatives and provide leadership continuity.

Dr. Norrell joined School District 131 in July 2018 as the permanent superintendent after two years under a team of interim leaders, and she has brought much needed stability, energy and focus to the role. In addition to helping finalize the development of a landmark collective bargaining agreement that provides competitive compensation for teachers and addresses historical issues with support staff members pay relative to date of hire, Dr. Norrell has led the District in conducting a comprehensive assessment of its needs in areas including academics, climate and culture, parent engagement, and District 131 operations.

District 131 recently joined neighboring districts Indian Prairie 204, Naperville 203, and Lisle 202 in being named to the National Advanced Placement (AP) District Honor Roll for the growth and enrollment of these courses and exams. Next year, District 131 will add five additional AP courses, including two new AP Capstone courses and one AP Human Geography that will be available to freshmen. Dr. Norrell led the district in gaining approval from College Board last month to offer the Pre-Advanced Placement program to all freshman beginning next Fall.

Dr. Norrell is committed to establishing a culture of equity, access and success that inspires all District 131 faculty, staff members, and students to explore their aspirations, develop their talents, set meaningful goals and confidently pursue their dreams. This month, Dr. Norrell will coordinate the completion of a comprehensive five-year strategic plan that has included participation of parents, teachers, staff members, and community partners

The Board’s decision to enter into a new five-year contract with Dr. Norrell will allow our District to benefit from the continuity of her leadership to implement this strategic plan and drive further growth and achievement for our schools and students.
—East Aurora School District 131

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