Reader’s Voice: Debate on homosexuality, abortion, continues

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October 21, 2018
Dear editor;
Homosexuality is both a moral and political issue, and problem, Mr. Johnson (whose letter was in The Voice October 18. Click here to see). Here in Aurora and in Springfield, the Democratic Party, which rules over us, has made it so. Mayor Richard C. Irvin of Aurora, State senator Linda Holmes, and State representatives Linda Chapa LaVia and Stephanie Kifowit have supported it. The globalists have won. We are in a Deep State now. Every board I spoke with reflected it, but did not vote on it. None voted to have representation in the (Gay) Aurora Pride Parade June 17 and that is what I am seeking. Show your hands, gentlemen. It is the so-called politically correct thing to do.

I could respond to Johnson’s put down of me by countering with, get your mind out of the swamp, but I prefer facts which is not part of his message. He speaks of the evil one which we learned about in our catechisms. Mine included the Ten Commandments, too. There is a difference between crime and sin, however our government has been amiss in tackling that question. For example:

Now, the liberated women’s movement demands their rights over the control of their bodies, and that of their unborn children. However, their silence on prostitution discredits them. It shows their dishonesty. Why shouldn’t a woman have the right to use her body to earn a living wage? I’ll tell you. When the government figures out a way to tax that industry on a grand scale, it will legalize it. Then prostitution will not be a crime, just a sin.

Why don’t the homosexual forces join with the prostitutes to help them gain their rights over their bodies? Johnson speaks of equality. Well here is a challenge he should undertake instead of belittling me. Quoting him: “Pride is about the humanness of the person.” So let’s bring the prostitutes to the point of being able to be equal.

Correcting his last statement where he tells me that we who reject the sexual outpouring as we have seen these parades evolve into, should stay home. Unfortunately, we, the families, the taxpayers, the voters, are being banned and ridiculed for fighting for our rights to provide our children with high moral values; to keep their minds pure, free from physical and mental pornography.

Mr. Johnson, come to the abortion clinic here in Aurora and meet your fellow Democrats there, the body-snatchers. They allow no equality for them. No trial, just a death sentence upon demand.
Joan Solms

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  1. Proverbs 26:4 “Answer not a fool according to his (her) folly, lest thou also be like unto him (her). I will continue to pray for Ms. Solms to learn to love people as they are.

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