Reader’s Voice: Immigration: In favor of building wall

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January 9, 2019
Dear editor;
As an American and the son of immigrants, I favor the building of a wall at our southern border. My parents migrated legally from Europe after World War II, respecting the law, worked hard, and learned the American language. Nothing was printed in their native language for them. No special privileges or benefits were offered to them, but they were glad just to be here.

Some come across our southern border today and receive benefits others didn’t. To allow others to illegally come into our country is a slap across the face of millions just like my parents. The Declaration of Independence tells us all men are created equal (no class of immigrant is any better than any other). Can I get an amen from the equality people?

We have a right to screen who comes into our country. We had strict borders when we didn’t have gang, drug, and other problems. How much more do we need a secure border today? One cannot freely waltz across the Canadian border, so why should it be any different on the southern border?
Mike Mueller,

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  1. The Great Wall of China. The Berlin Wall. Now the Great American Border Wall. I will not join the debate on the merits of the wall because I do not believe in certain motives either side of the issue hold. I do see our government shut down over this issue. It is not our president who is holding us hostage. It is not Congress holding us hostage. It is a bunch of spoiled children in adult bodies that want what they want, when they want it and none care about who they hurt in the midst of this viral temper tantrum. I am hearing a lot of people talking about the cost of building the wall. No one has come forth with figures on the long term costs to maintain this wall. As a card carrying Republican, I keep hearing the echo of President Ronald Reagan, “… tear down this wall.” He spoke of the Berlin Wall. Now I am hearing it as the “wall” of self indulgence. Hey, Politicos on both sides, grow up and play nice.

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