An UPDATE to the list of candidates who filed to run for aldermen in Aurora

List of candidates who filed November 19, to run for aldermen in Aurora
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Recently-added candidates for office in Aurora since November 19 are in blue among those who have filed for office and asterisk indicates an incumbent:


  • Sherman Jenkins*
  • Brooke Ann Shanley
  • Durrell Williams

Ward 1

  • Peter Aguilera
  • Emmanuel Llamas
  • Caryl Riley
  • Amanda Sperzel
  • Valerie Budach
  • Hugo Saltijeral

Ward 3

  • Theodoros Mesiacos*

Ward 5

  • Casildo Cuevas
  • Carl Franco*
  • Bonnie Kunkel

Ward 6

  • Matt Harrington
  • Dan Hites
  • Michael Saville*
  • Matthew J. Orr

Ward 8

  • Patty Smith
  • Savannah Smith
  • Thomas Weil
  • John Robinson
  • Paul Santucci



City of Aurora offices to be filled at the 2019 consolidated, municipal election:

Alderman at Large

Alderman Ward 1

Alderman Ward 3

Alderman Ward 5

Alderman Ward 6

Alderman Ward 8

Candidates for elected municipal offices in the City of Aurora run as non-partisan candidates and file nominating petitions to appear on the February 26 Consolidated Primary Election ballot. If more than four candidates, including write-in candidates, file to appear on the ballot for a given office, the February 26 primary election must be conducted for that office. If four or fewer candidates file for a given office, all candidates who file valid nominating petitions will appear on the April 2 Consolidated Election ballot.

​Aldermen and the mayor are elected to serve four-year terms. The aldermanic terms of office are staggered.

Aldermanic Qualifications:
Each alderman must be a citizen of the United States and of the State;
A qualified elector of the city;
A resident of the city for one year next preceding his election or appointment. Each alderman representing a ward must be a resident of that ward at the time of his/her election, or in the case of filling a vacancy, of his appointment, and during the time he holds office.
No person can be eligible to hold office if that person who is in arrears in his/her payment of taxes, assessments, fines, and service charges levied by the city.
No conviction in any court in the United States of any infamous crime, bribery, perjury, or other felony.

Office/District: Ballots Cast at the last election:

Alderman at Large:  15,167

Alderman Ward 1: 833

Alderman Ward 3: 343

Alderman Ward 5: 2,306

Alderman Ward 6: 719

Alderman Ward 8: 1,383

— City government of Aurora

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