North Aurora silo park project moving forward

North Aurora silo park project moving forward
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The photo shows the existing silo behind Harner’s Bakery in North Aurora near the Fox River close to the intersection of Routes 31 and 56. Plans call for it to be converted into a lighted observatory to be enhanced with outdoor seating and include a park and a kayak launch at the Fox River. The North Aurora Village Board unanimously approved an agreement Monday to allow Muller + Muller, an architectural firm, to proceed with the design of the structural repairs as well as lighting design features to the silo at a cost of $54,583.80. The cost is variably allocated to three groups included in the consultation team: Muller + Muller M2 (project lead architect), $9,587.80; WBK Engineering (structural engineers), $23,746.00; and Schuller & Shook (lighting engineers), $21,250.00.  Click here to see the rendering from the March 22, 2018 article.

• Approved Monday was a collective bargaining agreement between the village government of North Aurora and the Metropolitan Alliance of Police, the union that covers North Aurora police officers, from June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2022.

•Approved was the purchase and installation of police squad car cameras for $82,324. A Village memo states the life span of Police Department squad camera systems have reached their designated end of life. The cameras have been in service a minimum of five years, in harsh environment under constant usage. The rate of failure is increasing and the cost to maintain them has begun to exceed the cost of replacing.

• Approved was the purchase UHF/VHF squad car radios to replace outdated/damaged radios on all squad cars for $15,842.00. A Village memo states the current radios are more than 15 years old and some no longer work, or work on a limited basis. None can be repaired because parts are no longer made. With the emergency management plan calling for interoperability, the new radios would provide the ability to communicate with assisting agencies in case of a mass incident since they have both UHF and VHF capabilities. They will provide communication with the Public Works Department, as well.

Jason Crane/The Voice

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