Reader’s Voice: Aurora bombed with many divisive issues

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April 6, 2019
Dear editor;
California cities are hit by wildfires. Oklahoma cities have tornadoes. Nebraska cities are flooding. Aurora has a different issue. We are being bombed emotionally with fear-mongering and Facebook hysteria. My submission is not to express an opinion on the issues, but their presentation to the citizens of Aurora.

The first was the Aurora Pride Parade. We were bombed by the idea and the urgency.

The Aurora Public Library has been needlessly bombed twice with the poem issue and the moving of the Library West Branch.

We were in such a panic we had no time to figure out where the information was coming from and if it was correct. The latest explosion to rile and scare the City is the bomb that hit Wayside Cross Ministries.

Facebook has been the alert button to warn of the bomb’s arrival. Take cover and take sides. Is this how we want Aurora? Isn’t government to rule, execute judgment and unite citizens? I think we need to take down the One Aurora signs and the Aurora Strong flags and put up a chaos flag. Be ready to run and take sides.

I would like to organize an event called Hands Across Aurora. We would start on the bridges over the Fox River that is beautiful, but so often divides us. I want to start with holding the hand of a young Hindu boy and a young African American, followed by someone Mexican, someone of Indian culture, Asian culture, Catholic, Jew, East Sider, West Sider, young, and old, veteran, disabled, and anyone else I forgot. We need a song of peace and unity and no more bombings. We would need flags to raise over government buildings and schools and homes that have the universal sign of peace.

If you could come that day to the Downtown…bring three live flowers to toss into the River. One for those still wounded by these issues, one for no more bombs, emotional or otherwise, one for peace for Aurora. Who knows, they may make it to the Mississippi River. Contact me if interested.
Thank you,
Marjorie Logman

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  1. I agree that the hate mongers are out in force. People love to be the “victims” of other people’s freedoms. The world is full of self centered people who love to hate. Read the Book of Daniel and Revelation. We are in the end times. An event like the Pride Parade would have helped people to learn to love, but in the end, the haters have won the battle. The book of Revelation will show, however, that those haters will loose at the judgment. If everyone took their bent noses out of everyone else’s business, the world would be a nicer place to live.

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