Reader’s Voice: Hard times for political partisans?

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September 29, 2018
Dear editor;
Don’t you feel sorry for poor J.B. Pritzker? He lost his father when he was very young, and his mother was an alcoholic. Boohoo. My mother was 31 and two-weeks old, when my father died after surgery. My mother had two young girls to raise. We were six and seven. Mom had to go to work in 1941. Hard times, let me tell you! She worked long hours for not impressive wages. My sister and I got $17 and change from Social Security each month, until we were 18.

I wish I knew how Pritzker amassed enough money, coming from such a disadvantaged childhood, to donate as much as he did to our imprisoned former-governor Rod Blagojevich’s war chest and still had enough money left over to try and buy the Illinois treasurer’s job from Blagojevich. Electing Pritzker governor now would be like setting the fox right inside the chicken coop! Ask any chicken farmer how great an idea that is!

Maybe Pritzker got a job doing public service, just like senator Dick Durbin. Durbin tells everyone how poor he was when he was married and had a child with a heart problem. He was a lawyer then. Look at him now! Low pay maybe, but oooh the perks! I watched Durbin at the Supreme Court hearing, and he was so vehement towards nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it reminded me about a sermon I heard recently.

From the book of Wisdom: Let us lie in wait for the just man because he is an embarrassment to us, he is contrary to our doings and upbraids us for breaking the law.

When I pray at night, I ask God to protect our country, that other politicians and the people trying to impeach president Donald Trump, will have their own dirty little sweetheart deals, to benefit only themselves, exposed! The Chicago Tribune has stated that Pritzker will not talk to any reporter about all of his bank accounts off shore. These individuals crying poor me, because I had a bad childhood make me sick. When either Pritzker or Durbin come on the television, I mute the sound because I don’t need any fertilizer in my house. I feel that any time they open their mouths, they are lying.
Evelyn Essling

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